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We Out Here

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Wifey has been a long time coming. You could even say that it was 18 years in the making (...as of this writing).

We met at 11, danced together in the 8th grade talent show, and from there on embarked on a friendship that has always been rooted in the creative, the adventurous, and the peculiar.

Over nearly two decades, we have shared a love and admiration for performance, words, style, good bass (G-Funk for Kristina; Nu Disco Boogie for Sanyu), and a deep loyalty to the talented friends dabbling in these areas who we grew up with on the westside of LA.

Some people had dough, and some people grew up in 18th Street territory. All of us were a little jaded, pretty fluent in sarcasm, and eager to create. Fewer of us were actually motivated.

This project-in-progress is borne out of the skills of the important people in our lives who hustled. David built our website (you'll be seeing him soon). Matty (that's him in the picture) has been taking the photos. Sanyu and Kristina (that’s us) have been curating and modeling (...?). And our families, so far, have graciously provided us with the backdrops.

Our photoshoots give you a sneak peak into the backyards and homes (whole and half-finished) that you won’t find on architectural IG accounts. They’re shot as is, without additional props, to reveal what makes the westside such a beautiful and complicated place. The art, the artifacts, the style, the history, the community, the new money, the old poverty. All of it.

Join us on this adventure as we present a westside you may have seen, but haven’t known. The Wifey platform is here to showcase the work we love by folks close to our hearts: the community and the people who love LA back AKA the locals. (<-- *Cue Drake’s tears*). “We out here” and most of us don't dream about working, let alone being, in Hollyweird.  

While we gather all the necessary elements for our “LAcals Show & Tell,” we’ll be selling one-of-a-kind finds that we have discovered in our travels and our closets, and hope that these jewels bring you as much pleasure and purpose as they have to us. Enjoy!

Smoochie boochies,

Sanyu + Kristina

*P.S. And if you’re wondering where the name Wifey came from . . . likewise we wondered how it wasn’t the first name that came to us for this project. We’ve called each other “life-wives” and “wifeys” since high school. The name is meant to celebrate your day-ones.